I'm the interactive audio producer at The Washington Post, which means I work at the intersection of beautiful storytelling and emerging tech. It's not on my résumé, but I have a sixth sense for newsroom adventures and free food.

tl;dr? Check out my work: I produce , I report , I count .

  • Flood insurance | Marketplace

    I travelled to flood-hit Clendenin to see why many were averse to flood insurance.

  • Newscast | NPR

    I covered the first gold medal awarded in the 2016 Olympic games.

  • Trump's rally rhetoric | Can He Do That?

    I produced and hosted this episode on what Trump's rhetoric tells us about his base.

  • "Religious liberty" | FiveThirtyEight Elections

    I report on the GOP's shift in focus from "gay marriage" to "religious liberty."

  • Machines, lost in translation | NPR

    Why is achieving a "universal translator" so hard?